Home Health & Fitness Diabetes Diet: This Oats Roti May Help Manage Sugar Levels (Recipe Inside)

Diabetes Diet: This Oats Roti May Help Manage Sugar Levels (Recipe Inside)

Diabetes Diet: This Oats Roti May Help Manage Sugar Levels (Recipe Inside)

This quick and easy oats roti may be a good addition to a diet for diabetes.


  • Diabetes can be managed by certain lifestyle and diet changes
  • There can be several healthier alternatives to foods that one can opt
  • Oats are considered healthy for those with high blood sugar levels

Indian cuisine typically consists of two things- sabzi and roti. While sabzi can be a variety of dry sides or a rich gravy, which can be a balance of nutrition and flavour, but a roti is most often made with whole wheat flour or all-purpose flour when preparing naan, bhatura or pooris. These flours are packed with carbohydrates that might not go down too well with those who are suffering from diabetes – a condition where the blood sugar level keep rising due to body’s inability to produce enough insulin or due to its unresponsiveness to the insulin present in the body.

As diabetes cases are on a constant rise throughout the world, it has become imperative for each one of us to become more aware about the various ways of managing our sugar levels. Watching our diet surely tops the list! With no permanent cure for diabetes, one way to manage it is to tweak our meals to suit a diabetic-friendly menu and one can always start by rotis! One food that is a staple in Indian homes, rotis can easily be altered to suit a diet plan. One can make it by mixing different flours, or by adding ragi, buckwheat or oats is a great way to add more nutrition. As per our consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta, “Whole grain fibre slows down the release of glucose into the blood, ensuring a slow and steady supply of carbs and keeping up the energy levels and at the same time provides many beneficial vitamins and minerals.”

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Oats can be a healthy addition to a diet for diabetics.

Oats is one such whole grain that is considered beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. Besides being rich in fibre and low on calories, it ensures a slow release of sugar or glucose in the blood, preventing any sudden spikes in levels. As per the USDA data, a 100 gm serving of oats contains just 68 calories and 21 gm of fibre. On top of that, oats are incredibly versatile too! From snacks to breads and to even desserts, one can make a whole lot of scrumptious dishes with oats. This oats roti is a super easy and quick one to try and include in your regular diet to manage diabetes.

How To Make Oats Roti


. Rolled oats: 1 cup

. Whole Wheat flour: 1 cup and extra for rolling

. Onion- 1/2 cup

. Coriander (chopped)- 1 tbsp

. Salt- 2 tsp

. Water and oil- as needed


1. Combine whole wheat flour and oats with coriander, onion and salt.

2. Knead a soft dough with help of water and oil.

3. Cover and keep aside for about 10 minutes.

4. Divide the dough into equal round balls, as needed

5. Heat a tava and cook each portion with half a teaspoon of oil after rolling and flattening the divided balls. Serve hot.

Try this wholesome oats roti at home and share your experience with us in the comments section below.



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